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10 Ways to Save Nature

Your mother is always forgiving, but do not take her for granted. If you commit hundred crimes she may throw you out. Same applies to Mother Nature. She is no longer ready to accept any more human atrocity.

Mother Nature has been demonstrating her anger in various ways like global warming, climate change, flash floods and droughts, cloud bursts and water scarcity, earthquakes and many more in varied magnitudes. Humans, selfish as ever in their ways, fail to understand or do not want to understand.

Pollution has been the major cause of nature’s wrath since industrial revolution two hundred years ago. Thanks to fossil fuel burning like that of coal, oil and natural gas in big factories, heavy urbanization leading to tremendous motor vehicle traffic, steady annihilation of greenery and natural resources, commercialization of forests and parks and such a chain of follies our mother is gasping for breath.

Now trying to think about saving nature we must understand the basics. First, the ozone layer which protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. This gas in beneficial if it resides in the stratosphere, if it comes down to the earth’s surface it starts adding to global warming. Chemical gases and pollution are harming the ozone layer to a point of consternation.

Second, the greenhouse gases. If these gases remain at normal level our earth is kept comfortably warm for all the inhabitants. But the enhanced greenhouse emission caused by excessive human activities is not normal and it leads to abnormal warming with results in higher sea levels, more rainfall and floods and severe droughts too. Most of these harmful greenhouse gases damage the ozone layer.

Third, the global warming which is a result of the mix of damaged ozone and enhanced greenhouse effect. Melting of glaciers follow leading to fluctuations in climate and natural disasters. Apart from this, if such pollutants are allowed to perforate the ozone there will be 19 million more cases of cancer and 129 million more cases of eye cataracts, scientists warn.

Lastly, our depleting reserve of precious natural resources like water, wildlife, marine world and of course trees and forests. Green plants are ideal for absorbing harmful gases and a green cover contributes directly to Mother Nature’s eco balance.

With this basic knowledge we can now list out the ten ways to save our mother planet-the only place in the endless universe where we can still live happily.

Love Trees

Love Trees

Love Trees: Always keep a habit of planting trees be it your locality or society campus or even your living room. Initiate and organise tree planting campaigns with your fellow residents.

Love Animals

Love Animals

Love Animals: Let the animals be part of the natural habitat or the wild. Never buy or eat exotic and endangered animals or patronise products made out of animal parts.

Love the Three R’s: You should put the mantra in your heart-reduce recycle and reuse. Reduce your requirements to exactly what you need. This will result in reduced garbage and your combined action can relieve pressure on the municipal authorities to dispose garbage. You perhaps know that your garbage while broken into pieces produces harmful greenhouse gases. Reuse all items that are still working or can be repaired. Recycle all products like newspapers, plastic and glass items and scraps by selling them in the nearby junkyard.

Dispose Garbage

Dispose Garbage

Dispose of Garbage Properly: Try to separate your organic waste from other non-perishable waste. You can have a compost pit maybe in your back garden or terrace to deposit all your organic waste and finally make it into a fertilizer the utility of which you would know soon. Never allow your waste to smell bad, because foul-smelling waste means release of greenhouses gases into air.

Be Aware and Spread Awareness: Be a part of all community campaigns for environment protection in your society, locality and city. Oppose any attempt to construct buildings or super markets in public grounds or parks. Oppose any attempt to cut trees or shave off hillocks. Oppose malpractices by others even if s/he is your best neighbor or friend. Follow international conferences on greenhouse emission rules and other environmental issues and share your knowledge with others.

If all of us join hands we can still save nature and our mother planet.

Source by Chinmay Chakravarty

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