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over US$34 billion was raised worldwide by Crowdfunding. crowdfunding has become one of the most popular ways for individuals to raise money for a cause, project, or event.
Reward and Donation Crowdfunding Donation crowdfunding is the 2nd largest type of crowdfunding. It’s used to pay for life events, causes, and more!
The number of jobs that crowdfunding has created worldwide. Countless businesses have been started thanks to the power of crowdfunding.
Global average success rate for crowdfunding campaigns. While not every campaign is successful, many crowdfunding owners reach or surpass their goals!

Crowdfunding campaigns has never been that easy

Running a project is quite easy here.

If you can get your project a good head start you have a shorter distance to go in the long run. Follow these 9 Steps and start Your dream Project Now. 1.Share your story 2. Offer great rewards 3. Set a funding goal. 4. Promote your campaign ( We Promote for you * ) 5. Update your backers as your project progresses 6. Fulfill your promise. 7. Find a viable means to monetize your pain point. 8. Make changes based on feedback. 9. Don't forget to ship the rewards.

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We believe in honest art and support the truly creative lifestyle.

Indie Birds is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to inventive, innovative, creative visionaries from around the world. Using our rewards-based system, you’ll have access to 24/7 assistance from our experts, events, awards, merchandise, and hassle-free access to your funds. We believe in honest art and support the truly creative lifestyle. That’s why here, there’s no fee, no all-or-nothing ultimatum, and you can renew your project using our renewal options any time. Have an idea for a project? Get the funding you need by submitting your project today !

About Us


Indie Birds is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform that connects you directly with other Indie artists from around the globe and with investors who are as dedicated to the integrity of fresh voices and fringe viewpoints as you are to a creative lifestyle.

Indie Birds is South India’s one and only crowdfunding platform. We believe in honest art. That’s why we are a rewards-based crowdfunding platform that offers a place for you to gather support for free. We are here to offer a space where a community of creatives can thrive together without having to pay a membership or monthly fee. Our paid services are completely optional and are designed to get your project the most exposure and best rewards to make it as successful as possible.


While many companies require compensation, IndieBirds offers services for free. Our associations with film, technical, and art schools provide exclusive access to paid live coaching and in-house production of films, as well as film competitions, event ticketing, and Indie film blogs. With our free assisted coaching over phone, e-mail, and live chat to help you create a compelling campaign with even more compelling rewards that make it easy for backers to donate.

By offering reward assistance, providing more payment options than any other crowdfunding platform, and helping to keep your backers in the loop, IndieBirds makes rewards-based crowdfunding easier and more beneficial for artists and backers than anywhere else.

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Indie Birds is not sustainable. It is a niche site that doesn’t sell anything, is very work-intensive and offers Free Fundraising Options to Indie Artists & Non Profits. 

This sort of site can only be kept running using visitor donations.

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