Hello. 👋 We are a Hyderabad-based startup company committed to providing a space for Indie artists to thrive. Indie Birds is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform that connects you directly with other Indie artists from around the globe and with investors who are as dedicated to the integrity of fresh voices and fringe viewpoints as you are to a creative lifestyle. Indie Birds is South India’s one and only crowdfunding platform. We believe in honest art. That’s why we are a rewards-based crowdfunding platform that offers a place for you to gather support for free. We are here to offer a space where a community of creatives can thrive together without having to pay a membership or monthly fee. Our paid services are completely optional and are designed to get your project the most exposure and best rewards to make it as successful as possible.

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IndieBirds is currently the only crowdfunding platform based in South India. Based in Hyderabad, IndieBirds brings artists all the perks of crowdfunding without the downsides. While many companies require compensation, IndieBirds offers services for free. Our associations with film, technical, and art schools provide exclusive access to paid live coaching and in-house production of films, as well as film competitions, event ticketing, and Indie film blogs. Our free assisted coaching over the phone, e-mail, and live chat to help you create a compelling campaign with even more compelling rewards that make it easy for backers to donate. By offering reward assistance, providing more payment options than any other crowdfunding platform, and helping to keep your backers in the loop, IndieBirds makes rewards-based crowdfunding easier and more beneficial for artists and backers than anywhere else. Want to start your Project?  See how it works here.
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Buy The Team a Coffee!

Indie Birds is not sustainable, It is a niche site that doesn’t sell anything, is very work-intensive and offers Free Fundraising Options to Indie Artists & Non-Profits.  This sort of site can only be kept running using visitor donations. The donations allow us to: – keep the servers running even when the advertisements income doesn’t meet these costs. – keep upgrading to meet the traffic increases. – add new content, and keep improving the older content. – add new functionalities to the site and improve how it works and how it looks. We offer a service for donations:
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