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Are The New Remakes Of The Old Classic Movies Really Worth Seeing?


There have been many classic movies remade years later, some are good and some are not. It depends on the how story is interpreted. In the early movies sex and violence are hardly ever shown they are claimed. In the newer versions they do not hold back anything. This might be what is appealing to the new audiences. They have seen the classic and want to see the actual murder or love scene between two characters.

Batman - Indiebirds

Batman – Indiebirds

In the newer versions of movies they have been able to take special effects to a whole new level. Sometimes this is not always good. In the 1960’s series of Batman, the cheesiness of the show was the best part. Batman always had whatever they needed to escape or apprehend the bad guy. For example, he would say “good thing I put this vial of shark repellent in my bat belt this morning”. Never has anyone been better prepared for anything since the old Batman shows. In the remakes they took him to a whole new level making everything very slick and futuristic. They took out the innocence, the heart and soul of why we loved it so much as children.

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