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Discover the Magic of Sharing Your Art with the World

Welcome to Indie Birds, a place where your creativity can soar to new heights. We believe that every artist has a unique voice and a story to tell through their art. It’s time to unlock the potential within you and share your creations with a global audience.

Selling your art is not just about monetary gain; it’s about finding validation and connecting with others who appreciate your talent. At Indie Birds, we provide a platform that celebrates independent artists like you, where you can showcase your work and build a community that truly understands and values your artistic expression.

Embrace the opportunity to put your art out there, to let it breathe and touch the lives of others. Your art has the power to evoke emotions, spark conversations, and inspire change. By joining Indie Birds, you become part of a movement that champions the freedom of creativity and supports artists in their journey to success.

We understand that taking the leap and sharing your art can be daunting, but remember that every great artist started somewhere. Your art is a reflection of your unique perspective and experiences. It deserves to be seen, admired, and cherished by art enthusiasts around the world.

Indie Birds provides you with a platform to showcase your talent, connect with art lovers, and sell your artwork directly to those who appreciate and value it. It’s a place where you can be recognized, celebrated, and rewarded for your dedication and artistic vision.

So, take that leap of faith and let your art take flight. Join us at Indie Birds, where dreams are realized, creativity thrives, and artists like you find their rightful place in the world.

Together, let’s paint a vibrant tapestry of artistic expression and inspire others to embrace their own creative journeys. The world is waiting to discover your art. Join us on this exhilarating adventure at Indie Birds and let your creativity shine like never before.

Sell your art. Share your passion. Ignite the world with your unique vision.

Welcome to Indie Birds, where artists find their wings and soar to new horizons.

Submission : Please include a signed copy of the Indie Birds  Media License Agreement with your media submission or ( Within 7 Days of Submission ). This agreement verifies that you own the photos and/or Artworks, allows Indie Birds to use your photos or video in print and digital formats, Online sales and confirms you have the proper model releases. A new agreement must be completed and submitted with each batch of photos or Artwork you submit to Indie Birds.

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