Calling All Filmmakers

MyEpic2020 Film Challenge

We know that you are isolated & BORED!

So we are throwing down a challenge to everyone to keep your minds occupied, give you a chance to create and push your individual boundaries without having to leave the house.

It’s our solitary confinement Filmmaking Challenge that we’ve called:


Here’s how you enter:

  • Find something Routine or Boring That You do At Home.
  • Edit the Short 27 Secounds Video with Music & Sound.
  • Name Your Film & Upload Video to Social Media.  

# TAGs  

  • #myepic2020
  • #indieBirds
  • #27secondsfilmchallenge
  • #lockdownFilms

You Could Win A Macallan, Monkey Shoulder, Talisker 18 Or a Cash Prize Upto INR: 10,000.

  • tiktok videos and snap chat videos are not going to consider.
Some Cool Tips for Your Mobile Filmmaking. 
Apps for Mobile Editing. 
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