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Crowdfunding Story of America



Long ago the world was ruled by kings and monarchies that created wars and conquests. People were placed in classes and not allowed to make their own decisions. Dynasties were popular and power was transferred within families. Rulers ruled their nations with an iron fist and inhabitants were obligated to follow or harsh consequences would be executed. Citizens not close to the king or worked in the king’s service, were considered peasants with no power or authority. At birth peasants were expected to yield to the king’s authority whether just or unjust, and never allowed a high ranking position. They were farmers who were not allowed to own land and a large portion of their livestock and crops were due to the king. Inhabitants also were not allowed to practice their own religion, support another leader, and were subject to anyone who out ranked them in the kingdom. Self ambition, change, and a chance for self growth and development were unheard of outside of the King’s. Myths, magicians, and sorcery were a common practice, and decision makers never investigated truths.

After hundreds of years of dullness and stagnation of mankind; the visionaries, dreamers, and philosophers emerged. Philosophers spread their dreams and visions in the streets and wrote them down in books for all to read. I dreamed of a world that was not flat, full of aspiration, and interesting. Another spoke I had a vision that one day the world would be free of tyranny, and allowed to worship as it pleases. Even another spoke I dreamed of a world that would welcome different cultures and exercise social justice. Philosophers inspired the early explorers, like Magellan, that proved the world was round. They inspired Christopher Columbus to explore new horizons; he eventfully landed in a new and unknown land. Philosophers also inspired the Pilgrims to come to the new land to practice their own religion, own land, and make a better living. Philosophers inspired our forefathers, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison, to write the Declaration of Independence. We are a people for the people and ruled by the people. They also inspired Gandhi from India, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela from South Africa to fight for equality for all people.

By faith, America was born a distant land of free people that dreamed. Word of this great nation spread like wildfires throughout the world. Immigrants, settlers, and refugees came from all over from Spain, Great Britain, France, Japan, Mexico, to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Germany and Korea. They were different and no longer fitted in with the principles that ruled their nations. They came to escape harsh rulers who exercised strict punish and brutal wars for rebellions. They came to escape the caste system that enviably held them in poverty for generation to generations. They came for a better life and an opportunity to live freely and prosper. Each brought a new culture of languages, music, and food, styles of clothing, dances and stories. They were also entrepreneurs, actors, inventors, scientist, musicians, and writers that changed the world. Procter and Gamble said we will be a company that is innovative and make life easier for our customers. Michael Jackson said I am going to become the youngest star to sing, and Tyler Perry said I am going to write movies that show a side of Black America yet to be seen. The Wright Brothers, from England, said we are going to fly. Henry Ford said we are going to build an automobile that has a gas powered engine. Thomas Edison said I am going to build a light bulb, and Alexander Graham Bell said I will make a telephone that will transmit electronic sounds. Scientists from different nations created life saving medicines, the spacecraft, to the Internet. Each nationality that came to the new land contributed a remarkable element that made the world better and more interesting.

Is there still room in the world for world changers? Will people dare to be different and stand out? Where will the next world changers come from. Will they be rich, poor, young, old, a stay at home mom, college graduates, from Ethiopia? Or Bangladesh? Perhaps the next world changer will be you. One thing I am sure Ex President Barack Obama believed in world changers when he signed The America Jobs Act into law. The law legalize crowd funding which brought Wall Street to Main Street. Now people like me and you can fund and raise money to support world changers. A world changer can now emerge with a big vision or unique dream with the support of as little as $1 from millions of supporters. Crowding funding sites are growing in numbers to support different types of world changers like small businesses and nonprofits, to new talent such as musicians, book writers, scientists and other creative projects.  IndieBirds brings artists all the perks of crowdfunding without the downsides. While many companies require compensation, IndieBirds offers services for free.  All over the world emerging world changers are holding out their banners saying believe in me support me.