Building Rewards

When it comes to rewards, backers want to support your project and feel like they’re getting something in return. Rewards allow them to share in your work. Here are some tips for building rewards:

What to offer: You know your community best. Consider what would motivate you to back a project. Offer your work in various formats, from digital downloads to limited editions. Think about custom work and opportunities for backers to be part of the creative process. Your project should include a range of reward tiers and add-ons for backers to choose from.

What not to offer: There are a few things that are prohibited, such as offering financial returns or reselling items from elsewhere.

Pricing: Be fair. Backers are evaluating whether your rewards are worth their contribution. The most popular pledge on Indie Birds is INR 500, so it’s helpful to offer something substantial around that level.

Offer a range of rewards: Some backers can contribute more, while others can only spare a small amount. Make sure there’s something worthwhile at every pledge level, including simple rewards for lower amounts. Keep in mind that you’ll need to produce and deliver each reward, so consider your budget carefully. As a guideline, it’s recommended to limit your reward tiers to five for your first Indie Birds project.

Organise your rewards and add-ons: Ensure they fit within your schedule and budget. Start by creating the items in the project editor’s Rewards tab before setting up the rewards and add-ons. It can be helpful to brainstorm and plan on paper first.

Set limits: You can set limits on the time period, total quantity, and number of add-ons per backer. This can create excitement around special-edition rewards or signed copies. Limited “early bird” rewards, available to a certain number of backers at a slightly lower pledge, can also generate momentum in the early days of your project.

Estimated delivery: Choose a date for each reward tier that you’re confident you can meet. It’s better to underpromise and overdeliver. For complex projects, consider staggering the estimated delivery dates for different reward tiers and sending out rewards in batches over time.

Shipping: Specify your shipping costs and destinations for each reward or add-on. Keep in mind that shipping expenses can add up, so use the funding calculator and share a project budget with potential backers. The costs you set will be added to their pledges and contribute to your funding goal. Seek advice from experienced creators regarding shipping.

Backer surveys: If your project successfully funds, you’ll be able to send surveys to collect information from your backers, such as shipping addresses and preferences. This information will help you prepare and fulfill their rewards. You can access this information from the backer report.

Remember: You can add or modify your reward tiers and add-ons after launching, but you won’t be able to change or delete them once someone has backed them.

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