Can business and nonprofit entities raise funds for projects?

Indeed, business and nonprofit entities are eligible to raise funds for projects on Indie Birds. However, there are certain guidelines to be followed.

For nonprofits and charitable organizations, funds raised on Indie Birds should be directed towards specific projects or endeavors that result in the creation of something new and shareable. It is important to note that Indie Birds cannot be used for general support for the cause or mission of the organization. While you can mention on your project page that future proceeds will be donated to charity, it should be clear that no funds raised on Indie Birds will be directly donated.

Before launching a project, it is recommended to review Indie Birds’ rules and guidelines to ensure compliance.

Please be aware that Indie Birds does not provide advice regarding taxes, including the provision of receipts for tax deductibility of pledges. It is advisable to consult a lawyer or financial professional for any tax-related inquiries or concerns.

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