Can I launch my project on multiple platforms?

Certainly! While it is technically possible to launch your project on multiple platforms simultaneously, it is generally recommended to focus your efforts on one platform for better chances of success.

Running a successful project requires dedicated time and attention. By focusing on a single platform like Indie Birds, you can consolidate your efforts and increase the likelihood of reaching your funding goal. It also helps in avoiding confusion among your backers by sending them multiple links.

Having a focused and comprehensive outreach strategy is crucial for project success. By concentrating your efforts on one platform, you can build a strong community and maximize your chances of getting funded. While your supporters may be enthusiastic about backing you on Indie Birds, they may be less inclined to back you on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Therefore, it is generally advisable to choose one platform, such as Indie Birds, and give your project the attention and focus it deserves to increase its chances of success.

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