Communicating with backers

To effectively communicate with your backers and keep them informed, utilize the following features and strategies:


  • Treat updates as your project’s blog, keeping backers engaged and informed about your progress.
  • Share interesting and shareable updates that showcase the details of how your work is being made.
  • Encourage backers to spread the word about your project’s progress.
  • You can create text-only updates or include multimedia elements like images, videos, and sound clips.
  • Choose whether updates are public or for backers only.
  • Send updates to all backers or specific reward tiers.
  • Take advantage of the 30-minute editing window after posting an update.


  • Use the messaging system to communicate with backers individually.
  • Regularly check your messages and comments and respond to questions and inquiries.
  • If you notice recurring questions on the same topic, consider addressing it in your next update.


  • Once your project is successfully funded, customize your Spotlight page to showcase your progress.
  • Highlight images that depict your plans coming together.
  • Direct your audience to where they can see your current work.

Transparency and Regularity:

  • Backers appreciate regular, insightful, and honest updates.
  • Do not hesitate to communicate delays or changes to your original plans.
  • Keep backers informed and address any concerns or worries they may have.
  • Regularly check in with backers to assure them that you are actively working on delivering what was promised.

Remember, effective communication with your backers fosters trust, engagement, and a sense of involvement in your project.

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