Does Indie Birds issue refunds?

Indie Birds does not issue refunds as it is not a store. When backers support a project, they are supporting the creator’s endeavour to create something new and innovative. By pledging, backers agree to join the creator on their creative journey. For detailed information, please refer to our Terms of Use.

Creator Obligations:

Once a project is successfully funded, creators have certain obligations to fulfill. These include:

  1. Project Completion: Creators are responsible for completing the project and delivering the promised rewards to the best of their abilities. They should strive to fulfill all the work that was promised during the campaign.
  2. Addressing Backer Concerns: Creators must honestly and promptly address any concerns or inquiries from backers. Open communication is crucial to maintain transparency throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  3. Fund Management: All funds raised during the campaign go directly to the creator, with Indie Birds only deducting a small fee. Creators have the responsibility of managing these funds to facilitate the project’s production and fulfillment.

Requesting a Refund:

If a project is still active, backers have the option to cancel their pledge before the campaign ends. However, once a project has been successfully funded, and collection has begun, canceling a pledge is no longer possible.

If a backer wishes to request a refund for their collected pledge, they should reach out to the project creator directly. It’s important to note that if the funds have already been used for producing or shipping rewards, a refund may not be feasible at that time.

Unexpected Refunds:

If a backer receives an unexpected refund from the project creator, they should first check the project’s most recent update for any information regarding the refund. The creator may have refunded the pledge due to difficulties in fulfilling the selected reward or encountering issues with the project.

If there is no specific information on the project page, the backer should contact the creator directly for further clarification on the refund.

Refund Process:

When a creator issues a refund through Indie Birds, it is automatically applied to the card that was initially pledged with. The refund may take up to 30 days to appear on the card statement.

If 30 days have passed and the refund has not been received, the backer should contact their bank, providing them with details such as the refund amount, date of issuance, and the original card used for pledging.

In cases where the original payment method is no longer valid (e.g., expired card or closed account), the backer should first contact the financial institution associated with the card. If the refund is still not located, the backer can reach out to the Indie Birds Support team for further assistance in tracing the refund.

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