Setting your funding goal:

  • Determine the minimum amount you need to fulfill your project and deliver all rewards.
  • Create a budget by listing all expenses, including small details like shipping materials.
  • Consider your potential reach and estimate the number of backers you can realistically bring in.
  • Give yourself a cushion by accounting for Indie Birds’ 10% fee, payment processor fees, and potential tax considerations.
  • It’s beneficial to have some padding for unexpected costs or emergencies.

Setting a funding deadline:

  • The funding period can be anywhere from one to 60 days, but projects lasting 30 days or fewer have higher success rates.
  • Shorter periods create a sense of confidence, motivate backers, and allow for a focused effort in spreading the word.

Stretch goals:

  • You can’t change your funding goal once the project is launched.
  • Once your initial goal is reached, consider adding stretch goals as incentives to reach higher funding milestones.
  • Stretch goals should enhance the project rather than create something entirely new.

Dealing with unexpected popularity:

  • If your project experiences sudden, overwhelming popularity, you can cap your rewards or stagger release dates to manage the demand.
  • Communicate with backers in advance about the potential impact on the project schedule.

Your Tools:

  • Creator dashboard: Provides an overview of your project’s progress, funding, visitor sources, reward breakdown, and project activity feed.
  • Backer report: Organizes information about your project’s backers, their chosen rewards, messages exchanged, and survey responses.
  • Google Analytics: Connects to your project page to track visitor-to-pledge conversions.
  • One Click Quick Transfer: Enables quick fund transfers, with funds deposited within one hour.

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