Getting Started

Getting started on Indie Birds is an exciting step towards bringing your creative idea to life. Here's a breakdown of the key elements your project should have:

Project Page:

Your project page is where you'll introduce your idea to potential backers. It should include a compelling video and a description that clearly conveys the story behind your project. Use this space to share your passion, explain what makes your project unique, and engage your audience.


When backers support your project, they expect to receive something in return. Offer a range of appealing rewards that backers can choose from based on their pledge amount. Rewards can include exclusive experiences, limited editions, early access to your product, or any other creative offerings related to your project. Make sure the rewards are enticing and aligned with the theme of your project.


Keeping your backers engaged throughout the journey is crucial. Regularly update them with progress reports, behind-the-scenes insights, and any exciting developments related to your project. These updates create a sense of community and involvement, making backers feel connected to the process and invested in its success.
By focusing on these three elements - a compelling project page, enticing rewards, and engaging updates - you can create an appealing campaign that captures the interest and support of the Indie Birds community.

Remember to maintain a clear end goal for your project and ensure that it aligns with Indie Birds' guidelines and rules. If you need any assistance or have specific questions about creating your project page, feel free to reach out to our support team for guidance.

Best of luck with your project!

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