How do I know the project I backed wasn’t a scam?

At Indie Birds, we have measures in place to verify the identity of creators before they can launch a project. This helps ensure that the creators are real individuals, and their verified names are displayed publicly in their creator bio.

To make an informed decision before pledging, we encourage backers to thoroughly examine the project and its creator. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Identity verification: Indie Birds requires creators to go through a verification process, which helps establish their authenticity.
  2. Research the project and creator: Take the time to research the project and the background of the creator. Look for information about their experience, past projects, or any relevant credentials that indicate their capability to deliver on the project.
  3. Project details: Carefully review the project description, goals, timeline, and any prototypes or samples provided. Assess the feasibility and viability of the project based on the information provided.
  4. Backer comments and engagement: Pay attention to the interactions between the creator and backers. Check if the creator is actively responding to comments, addressing concerns, and providing updates. This can give you an indication of their commitment and communication with the backers.
  5. Project updates: Regular project updates are essential. They demonstrate the creator’s transparency and commitment to keeping backers informed about the project’s progress. Check if the creator has been posting updates and sharing relevant information.
  6. Estimated delivery date: Keep in mind that the estimated delivery date provided by the creator is an estimate, not a guarantee. Delays can occur due to various reasons, and it’s common in the creative process. However, creators are expected to communicate any changes to the timeline with their backers.

Indie Birds also monitors projects and reaches out to creators who may not be meeting communication expectations. We provide resources to assist them and encourage them to post updates and respond to backers’ messages. If a creator hasn’t posted a new update in over five weeks, you can request an update via the project page.

In instances where creators may feel overwhelmed, it’s important to be supportive, understanding, and avoid sending unkind messages. Remember that creators are human beings behind every project. Patience is crucial as they work on bringing their projects to life.

By conducting thorough research, staying engaged, and being patient, you can make an informed decision and minimize the risk of backing a scam project.

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