To effectively promote your Indie Birds project and generate excitement, follow these strategies:

Pre-launch outreach plan:

  • Before launching, plan how you will promote your project once it’s live.
  • Seek pre-launch support to gain momentum and increase the chances of success.
  • Create a list of people to reach out to, including friends, family, fans, coworkers, and industry contacts.
  • Segment your contacts into groups and tailor your messaging for each group.
  • Collect email addresses, social media handles, and phone numbers in one place.
  • Develop a calendar to schedule promotional activities throughout your campaign.

Build buzz:

  • Share your project with your community a week or two before the launch.
  • Utilize the Preview Page, which shows your project as it will appear when live, to gather feedback and allow viewers to be notified once it’s launched.
  • Use the Pre-Launch Page to tease your project, sharing the image, title, and description to build anticipation.

Announce your project:

  • Once your project is live, inform people through personal emails, following up with those who received the Preview or Pre-Launch Page.
  • Alert your mailing list about the live project, highlighting key details.
  • Share your project on social media with visually appealing content and custom referral tags.
  • Recruit collaborators or peers to help spread the word, providing them with simple messaging to share.
  • Avoid spamming and respect community guidelines to maintain a positive reputation.

Pitching to the press:

  • Press coverage can extend your project’s reach and engage a broader audience.
  • Craft concise messages with the essential details: who, what, where, when, and why.
  • Target press outlets and journalists interested in topics related to your project.
  • Utilize Twitter to find contact information and follow journalists.
  • Highlight available interviewees, especially if well-known individuals are involved.
  • Provide high-resolution images and additional content to support the press coverage.
  • Consider the timing and relevance for media outlets to cover your project.
  • Leverage Indie Birds resources, such as blog writeups or email contacts provided by the Indie Birds Support Team.
  • Be considerate and avoid being pushy, as it can have negative consequences.
  • Continue promoting your project independently while waiting to hear back from press contacts.

Keep working:

  • Press coverage is not guaranteed, so continue your promotional efforts independently.
  • Your own efforts to promote the project will pay off regardless of press coverage.

For more tips on PR strategy or additional support, reach out to the Indie Birds Support Team.

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