Supporting Artists in Need: Transferring Funds and Informing Backers

At Indie Birds, our commitment to supporting fellow artists goes beyond just hosting crowdfunding campaigns. We understand that sometimes circumstances may arise where a campaign owner and their crew are unable to actively engage with their project. In such cases, we take proactive steps to ensure that funds are transferred to artists who are in genuine need and provide clear communication to backers regarding their valuable contributions.

Transferring Funds to Fellow Artists in Need:

When a campaign becomes inactive due to the absence of the campaign owner and crew, Indie Birds takes swift action to ensure that the funds raised are directed to artists who are actively seeking support for their creative endeavors. We have a robust vetting process in place, carefully assessing and identifying deserving artists who align with the spirit of our platform. By transferring the funds to these individuals, we strive to ensure that the artistic community continues to thrive, and the contributions made by backers make a meaningful impact.

Informing Backers about Their Contribution:

Communication and transparency are paramount at Indie Birds. We understand the importance of keeping backers informed about the status of their contributions and the impact their support has on the artistic community. When a campaign becomes inactive, we promptly notify backers, providing them with detailed updates regarding the transfer of their funds to other deserving artists.

We believe in fostering a sense of trust and accountability between backers and artists. As part of our commitment to transparency, we share information about the recipient artists, highlighting their work and the projects they are pursuing. By doing so, we ensure that backers are not only aware of the impact they are making but also have the opportunity to engage with and support these talented individuals directly if they choose to do so.

Empowering the Artistic Community:

At Indie Birds, our mission is to empower artists and provide a platform where creativity can flourish. While we strive for active engagement from campaign owners and their crews, we understand that circumstances may arise that prevent their continued participation. By swiftly transferring funds to fellow artists and maintaining open lines of communication with backers, we ensure that the support provided through our platform continues to make a positive difference within the artistic community.

Together, we create a vibrant ecosystem where artists can thrive, backer contributions have a lasting impact, and the spirit of creativity prevails. At Indie Birds, we remain dedicated to supporting artists in need and fostering a community built on trust, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.

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