Telling your story

Before launching your project on Indie Birds, imagine explaining it to a friend. What would you say? What questions might they ask? And how can you show them that you’re serious, prepared, and capable of doing a great job? Your project page is your opportunity to tell your story: who you are, what you want to create, and why.

If your project is simple and straightforward, your project page can follow suit. If it’s more complex, share details to demonstrate your expertise. In any case, there are some essential questions you should answer:

  1. Who are you? Introduce yourself, your team, and showcase any similar work you’ve done (provide examples).
  2. What are you planning to make? Provide as many details as possible. Share sketches, samples, prototypes—anything that helps backers get as excited as you are.
  3. Where did this project come from? Explain how you got the idea and highlight your progress so far. Sharing the project’s history helps others understand your work and approach.
  4. What’s your plan, and what’s your schedule? Clearly outline a specific timeline so backers know what to expect.
  5. What’s your budget? Break down the costs to show that you’ve thought things through and have a practical plan. This helps build trust that funds will be used wisely.
  6. Why do you care? Share your passion for the project and your commitment to making it happen.

While words are essential for your story, visual elements are also crucial on a good project page. Here are some tips:

  • Choose an impactful project image. Remember, it’s the first impression people will have, so make it a good one.
  • Create a compelling video. It’s the best way to introduce yourself and give people a closer look at your work. It doesn’t have to be overly polished.
  • If you’re camera-shy, check out successful campaigns on platforms like Kickstarter for inspiration.
  • Consider adding captions and subtitles to make your project accessible to a wider audience.
  • Get creative! Include gifs, sound clips, and graphs. Keep some media items under 5MB for easy sharing.

By telling your story effectively through text, images, and videos, you can engage backers and generate excitement for your project on Indie Birds.

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