The creator is offering rewards elsewhere before shipping to backers

At Indie Birds, our mission is to support creators in bringing their new creative ideas to life. We do not permit creators to offer something that is already available somewhere else as the main reward for their project. If you come across a live project that is offering an existing item as the primary reward, you can report it to our Trust & Safety team by clicking “Report this project to Indie Birds” at the bottom of the project page.

However, in some cases, after a creator has run a successful campaign and is in the fulfillment stage, they may find it more efficient to distribute their product through mass production to the public rather than individually packaging and shipping rewards to backers.

We understand that this can be frustrating for backers, and we expect creators to be honest and transparent when this situation arises. It’s important to remember that backing a project on Indie Birds is not the same as buying or pre-ordering an existing item. As a backer, you have played a crucial role in helping the creator bring their idea to life.

While it may be disappointing to see rewards becoming available elsewhere before they are shipped to backers, it’s essential for creators to communicate openly about any changes or adjustments in their fulfillment process. This ensures that backers are informed and aware of the progress and status of the project.

If you have concerns or questions about a specific project in this regard, we recommend reaching out to the creator directly through Indie Birds’ messaging system to seek clarification and express your concerns.

We appreciate your understanding and support in these situations, as the creative process can sometimes involve unexpected challenges and adjustments.

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