What are some things I should do before launching my project?

Before launching your project on Indie Birds, it’s important to take some time to prepare and ensure that you’re ready for a successful campaign. Here are some key steps to consider:

  1. Create a project timeline: Develop a detailed timeline that outlines the various stages of your project, from planning and production to fulfillment. This will help you stay organized and set realistic expectations.
  2. Set a funding goal: Determine the amount of money you need to bring your project to life. Consider all costs involved, such as prototyping, production, shipping, and any additional expenses. It’s also wise to include a buffer for unforeseen expenses.
  3. Define reward tiers: Think about the rewards you can offer to backers at different pledge levels. Make sure your rewards are enticing and align with your project. Consider unique experiences, limited editions, early access, or personalized items that will resonate with your community.
  4. Polish your project page: Review your project page and ensure it is well-presented, engaging, and accurately represents your idea. Use compelling visuals, a clear project description, and an engaging video to captivate potential backers.
  5. Seek feedback: Share your project draft with friends, family, or trusted individuals who can provide constructive feedback. They can help you identify any areas for improvement and ensure your message is effectively communicated.
  6. Build your launch list: Compile a list of people in your network who might be interested in supporting your project. These can include friends, family, colleagues, and individuals from relevant communities or online platforms.
  7. Plan your marketing strategy: Develop a plan to spread the word about your project. Consider utilizing social media platforms, reaching out to relevant press and media outlets, and leveraging your personal network to generate buzz and attract backers.
  8. Prepare for launch day: Double-check all aspects of your project, including your funding goal, reward tiers, project page, and marketing materials. Ensure everything is in place and ready to go on your chosen launch date.
  9. Connect with the Indie Birds community: Engage with the Indie Birds community by participating in forums, commenting on other projects, and sharing insights and updates. Building connections and being an active member can increase visibility for your project.
  10. Stay organized and communicate: Throughout your campaign, maintain open communication with your backers. Regularly update them on your progress, respond to comments and messages promptly, and keep them engaged in the journey of your project.

By following these tips and putting in the necessary preparation, you’ll increase your chances of a successful campaign on Indie Birds. Good luck with your project!

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