What are the basics?

Bringing Indie Projects to Life: A World of Creativity

Indie Birds is a platform dedicated to supporting indie creators who have a clear goal in mind for their finite works, such as films, startups, or gaming projects. We understand that funding is crucial for bringing these visions to life.

On Indie Birds, the funding goal represents the specific amount of money that a creator needs to successfully complete their project. What sets us apart is that our funding model is not all-or-nothing. As a creator, you have the flexibility to withdraw funds at different stages of your project’s development. Our automated PayPal adoptive system ensures hassle-free fund transfers. By simply entering your email address on your dashboard profile, funds will be automatically transferred to your PayPal account. If you prefer an alternative method, you can also request a transfer to your bank account by providing us with your bank details. Please note that a 10% service charge is deducted from the funds transferred, which covers payment gateway charges and GST.

Backers, on the other hand, contribute to the project by pledging their support. They will be charged for their pledges, including payment gateway charges and GST, once the project reaches its funding goal. While backers are not traditional investors, they share your vision and passion. They become an integral part of your journey and are eager to participate in any way they can.

As an indie creator, you have the opportunity to express gratitude to your community through rewards. These rewards are unique experiences, limited editions, or copies of the creative work you are producing. They serve as a tangible way to share a piece of your project with your indie community, fostering a deeper connection and appreciation.

Indie Birds collaborates with companies, governments, nonprofits, and other organizations to address global challenges. Our partners contribute more than just financial support; they bring ideas, volunteer power, in-kind assistance, and more, collectively building stronger communities.

If you want to learn more about how Indie Birds works, we invite you to explore the projects on our website ( Discover ). You’ll get a glimpse into the diverse range of creative endeavors taking flight. If you’re considering starting your own project, our Support Blog provides a comprehensive overview, guiding you through the process.

Join the vibrant community of indie creators and backers on Indie Birds, where dreams become reality, ideas take flight, and meaningful connections are forged. Start your journey today!

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