What are the fees?

Transparent and Fair Fees for Success and Beyond

At Indie Birds, we believe in providing a transparent and fair fee structure for our creators. When a project is successfully funded, we apply a 2% to 10% fee to the funds collected. This fee covers the services and support we provide throughout the crowdfunding process, ensuring that your project gets the attention and resources it deserves.

In addition to our fee, there are payment processing fees associated with transactions made through popular payment processors such as Instamojo, Paytm, and PayPal. These processing fees typically range from 3% to 5% and are deducted to cover the costs incurred in securely handling online payments.

Even if a project does not reach its funding goal, you still have the option to withdraw the funds collected. In such cases, the fees and taxes remain the same as for successfully funded projects. We strive to maintain consistency and fairness in our fee structure to ensure that creators can make informed decisions and confidently pursue their creative endeavors.

At Indie Birds, we are committed to providing a platform that supports and empowers indie creators worldwide. Our fees are designed to sustain our services, maintain the platform’s functionality, and continue offering assistance to creators throughout their crowdfunding journey.

Join the Indie Birds community today and experience a crowdfunding platform that values transparency, fairness, and the creative spirit.


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