What if something goes wrong after a project is successfully funded?

Supporting creative projects on Indie Birds allows backers to witness the exciting journey of bringing something new to life. However, despite a creator’s best intentions, there are instances where things may not go as planned. It’s important to remember that backing a project is not the same as making a purchase, and rewards are not guaranteed.

  1. Estimated delivery date has passed: The estimated delivery date provided by the creator is an estimate, not a guarantee. It’s common for projects to experience refinements, modifications, or unforeseen challenges that can delay the estimated delivery date. In such cases, it is expected that creators communicate any changes to their backers and provide updates on the project’s timeline.
  2. Questions or concerns about a specific project or reward: If you have specific questions or concerns, the Updates section of the project page is a good place to start. Creators are expected to share progress, challenges, and news through updates. If the creator hasn’t posted a new update in the last five weeks, you can anonymously request a new update. If the update doesn’t address your question, you can send the creator a direct message through Indie Birds’ Chat Page.
  3. No response from the creator: While creators are expected to keep backers informed, their response times may vary. They may be working diligently to complete their project and communicate with backers. If you haven’t received a response after checking the Updates section, requesting a new update, and reaching out via direct messages, it’s advisable to wait a week or two before taking further steps. Creators’ inboxes can become overwhelmed.
  4. Contacting the creator through alternative channels: In some cases, creators may prefer to communicate through their own website, social media pages, or email. Check if the creator has provided alternative contact information in previous updates or their creator bio. If needed, you can reach out to the creator through those channels.
  5. Difficulty connecting with the creator: If you have given the creator a reasonable amount of time to respond (around two weeks), and you’re still unable to establish contact, you can reach out to Indie Birds’ Support team. Provide a detailed account of your attempts to contact the creator and explain the nature of the issue. In certain cases, the Support team may send a reminder message to the creator.

Please note that while Indie Birds can offer guidance to creators regarding delays and remind them of their obligations to communicate with backers, the fulfillment process is ultimately the responsibility of the creators themselves.

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