What information should I share on my project page?

When creating your project page on Indie Birds, it’s essential to provide comprehensive information that gives potential backers a clear understanding of your project and builds their confidence in supporting you. Here are key elements to include:

  1. Project Description: Clearly explain what you are trying to create. Describe the concept, idea, or product in detail. Highlight its unique features and how it will benefit backers or the intended audience.
  2. Project Story: Share your personal story and what inspired you to pursue this project. Connect with your audience on an emotional level by conveying your passion, motivation, and the journey that led you to Indie Birds.
  3. Project Timeline: Outline the timeline of your project, including the key stages, milestones, and estimated completion date. This helps backers understand the progress you’ve made so far and what to expect in the future.
  4. Budget Breakdown: Provide a breakdown of your project’s budget, including how the funds will be allocated. Transparency is crucial, so be specific about the costs involved, such as production, materials, shipping, marketing, and any other expenses.
  5. Rewards: Clearly list the reward tiers available to backers at different pledge levels. Explain what each reward entails and why it is valuable. Offer a range of options to cater to various interests and budgets.
  6. Progress and Updates: Show the progress you’ve made on your project. Share any prototypes, samples, or development updates to demonstrate that you are actively working towards your goal. Regularly update your backers throughout the campaign to keep them engaged.
  7. Risks and Challenges: Be transparent about the potential risks and challenges associated with your project. Acknowledge any obstacles you may face and explain how you plan to mitigate them. Honesty and realistic expectations are important.
  8. Team and Expertise: Introduce yourself and your team members, if applicable. Highlight relevant experience, skills, or qualifications that make you capable of delivering the project successfully.
  9. Visuals: Use high-quality images, videos, and graphics to visually showcase your project. Include visuals of prototypes, concept art, or previous work to give backers a tangible sense of what they are supporting.
  10. Call to Action: Clearly instruct visitors on how to back your project. Provide a prominent “Back this Project” button or similar calls to action that direct them to the pledge section.

Remember, the more information you provide, the better informed your potential backers will be, leading to increased confidence in your project. Be authentic, passionate, and concise in your messaging to effectively communicate your vision.

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