What is a creator obligated to do once their project is funded?

Once a project on Indie Birds is successfully funded, the creator has certain obligations to fulfill. These obligations include:

  1. Project Completion: The creator is responsible for completing the project as described and delivering on all the promised rewards to backers. They should strive to fulfill their obligations to the best of their abilities.
  2. Communication and Updates: Regular and transparent communication with backers is essential. Creators should provide project updates, addressing progress, challenges, and any potential delays. It’s important to keep backers informed throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  3. Honesty and Addressing Concerns: Creators should be honest and forthright with their backers. If issues arise or unforeseen challenges occur, they should address them promptly and provide realistic solutions or alternatives. Responding to backer concerns and inquiries is crucial.
  4. Estimated Delivery Time: Creators must strive to meet the estimated delivery timeframes they provided during the project campaign. If there are any significant delays or changes to the delivery timeline, backers should be promptly notified and updated.
  5. Finding Solutions: If unforeseen circumstances prevent the creator from fulfilling the project as initially promised, they should make every reasonable effort to find alternative solutions that satisfy their backers. This could involve seeking external assistance or exploring different approaches to complete the project.

It’s important for backers to understand that Indie Birds is a platform for supporting creative projects, not a traditional retail store. Backing a project involves inherent risks, and backers should assess these risks and conduct due diligence before making a pledge. Indie Birds does not offer refunds, so backers should consider their pledges as contributions to the creation of something new.

If backers have specific questions or concerns about a project’s status, they can reach out to the project creator directly through the messaging system provided on the project page. By maintaining open lines of communication and mutual understanding, creators and backers can work together to bring the project to a satisfactory conclusion.

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