International Fine Art Portfolio Program 2021.

“Birds of a feather flock together. Here is where we gather.” 


The International Fine Art Artists Portfolio program 2021.

“ Art is considered to be a universal and also diverse medium and mode of human cultural expression. It is an expression and impression of a variety of human emotions inhabiting the society. Art is a human activity where an individual being consciously communicates himself/herself by functional means of certain external signs, hands conveying heartfully the feelings to others about that he/she lived through, and that other people are impacted by these feelings and also subjectively experience them.” 

“ The International Fine Art Artists Portfolio program 2021 ” is a project designed by Indie Birds. The aim and goal of this project is to be committed towards updating portfolio information and categories related to Artists pursuing diverse fine art careers. This ensures a broad platform designed for all the artists and entrepreneurs to suggestively seek and create opportunities through the relevant access and availability of the professional portfolios. Irrespective of their free subscription and access to the book. 

  • Each artist is expected to send a write up of 500 words summarizing his art work and its contemporary relevance.  

  •  Each of the artists could post at least 10 of his best art works such as painting, sculpture, print media, photography Etc, in High definition and resolution quality with the necessary references and date of publication ( if published ) as essential part of their portfolio at  

  • Every artist is supposed to notify his email, facebook, whatsapp, instagram handles and other contact details. So this entire project has been organized and automated by Indie Birds. 

We are equipped with a panel of highly qualified art critiques. We thoroughly check each and every artist’s independent art work/s and the selected artists’ portfolios will be published in  “International’s Fine Art Portfolio book.”  

  • The deadline for the submission is Saturday, 19th June 2021 11:59 PM (IST). If the applicant has failed to submit his artwork then a late submission fee of $100  would be levied per submission. The payment link would be automatically activated as soon as the deadline time has exceeded. 
  • The final date of the book publication will be announced.  The art works and the relevant portfolios will be published on the website.

  • The International Portfolio book would be published in volumes each book consisting of 100 independent artists profiles and portfolios.   

  • Indie Birds Website would also serve as a platform of Art Hub for further seeking of project employment and freelance opportunities. 
  • The artist is also generously requested to Gift his memorable art work which symbolizes a sentiment of remembrance heartfully.

  • The memory of the artist would be kept alive as a display exhibit in the Indie Birds Museum. 

All artists are requested to sign the consent and release for “Use of Likeness” Agreement along with your portfolio as part of the application process.

The above details are a referral to the Fine Art Portfolio Program 2021. So we also request all artists, media and other individuals to volunteer, contribute and collaborate in this art program. 

Media license

Please include a signed copy of Indie Birds  Media License Agreement  with your media submission. This agreement verifies that you own the photos and/or Artworks, allows Indie Birds to use your photos or video in print and digital formats, and confirms you have the proper model releases. A new agreement must be completed and submitted with each batch of photos or Artworks you submit to Indie Birds.

Use of Published Photos and Artworks.


Artists are credited for each photo published. Although Artists retain copyright, by submitting photos to Indie Birds, Artists are assigning Indie Birds the right to use the photos in current and subsequent printings of the publication in which they appear, whether in print or digital format.

Published work

When photos / Artworks  are published in International Fine Art Portfolio Artists receive a copy of the issue featuring their work. For other publications, Artists receive tear sheets of the pages on which their photos/ Arts appear. Indie Birds will forward to Artists requests from other publications to use their photos. Submitting copyrighted images to Indie Birds does not preclude Artists from publishing the same images elsewhere.

International Fine Art Portfolio Program 2020.

International Fine Art Portfolio Program 2020.

Application & Submission Rules

Submission Rules:

  1. All Artists from any location can apply.

  2. The Image must be clear with a clean white background unless the background is part of the work.

  3. The work will be posted on both the website and the viral Instagram page.

  4. The work will remain on the websites archive.

  5.  By submitting you give consent to the lines 3 and 4.

  6.  Artists featured in the past 2 online exhibitions can not submit until 1 year from when they were featured.

  7. Use Dropbox or Wetransfer to upload all your files. Send us the Link in a Single Mail.

Eligibility:  All artists, India, Nepal & Europe residences are encouraged to apply! Works from all visual mediums are welcome. 

Entry:       Free.

  • The deadline for submissions is Saturday, June  19th  at 11:59 Pm (IST) 2021.
  • Submission after deadline Entry Fee : $100 per Artist / Per Submission.
  • Indie Birds invites Artists to submit high-quality photos that give meaning to their specific submission. 

Please use the guidelines below to ensure that the photos and Artworks you submit are contextually and technically high-quality.

  • Indie Birds  accepts high-resolution photos in JPEG, TIF, or EPS formats.
  • Media Submission Limit 10 Art works per Artists.
  • International Fine Artist Book is part of the Indie Birds Project at  
  • International Portfolio Fine Art Book which is marketed to art galleries, designers and architects world-wide.  
  • All professional fine art media are welcome to apply for presentation in the International Fine Art Portfolio Program.
  • Send photos/Artworks to [email protected]. If you are submitting several photos or Artworks, we suggest using a file sharing service, such as Dropbox, WeTransfer.
  • On the email subject line put your name – online submission and

    In the email body please write the following:

    For Each Art Work.

    Artist Name_____________________

    Artist Website Link___________________

    Instagram Handle____________________

    Title of work submitted ___________________

    Medium ______________


    Year  _______

  • Attach A write up of 500 words summarising your art work and its contemporary relevance.

Please include a signed copy of Indie Birds Media License Agreement with your media submission.

  • T & C Apply*.


$100 $ Free / Till Saturday, June 19th, 11:59 (IST), 2021.
  • International Fine Art Portfolio Program 2021.
  • Media License Agreement
International fine art portfolio program 2020

A: Not all submissions are featured on the site. If you are chosen, it can take several weeks after your submission to be shown.

A: Yes we will let you know if your work wasn’t selected.

A: Sure, but only if you have something new to submit. Duplicate submissions will be ignored.

A: Yes, but only after getting their permission. We may require proof of the artist’s consent before we feature their work.

A: Please ensure your files end in .jpg, pdf, eps, ai, .gif or .png.

A: You can Submit after deadline with entry fee of $100 per Artist, per submission.

Please contact us at indie birds facebook Page.

You can contribute us by Spreading the word & Donating some amount. 

Every Penny Helps/Counts.

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We love to Create, Collaborate and Explore ! If you have any questions for us or a project in mind or for a Collabration, Please use the form to inquire about rates and availability In International Portfolio Book.

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