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How to Apply The Law of Attraction.

To “apply” the law of attraction to bring about different or more attractive circumstances in our lives, we must first understand how it works. The movie The Secret has made the awareness of the law of attraction more widespread. But many don’t fully understand it properly because in The Secret, it is depicted quite simply. Some might even say that it simplifies the law too much.

The main theme of the film is that we are creators, either consciously or unconsciously. Most of the time we create our lives on an unconscious level, by replaying old programs, thoughts and beliefs which don’t serve us.


For example, we often complain about our circumstances, attracting emotional attachment to them through our strong emotions and words, trying to push them away. But in fact we only instil them into our experience by giving them more attention and power.

When we start to associate these events with who we are, we run these programs for our whole lifetime, believing that life is our self-imposed identity.

When we become more conscious, and learn to apply the law of attraction for a better life, we can take more charge of what we want and create better outcomes. How do we do this?

Applying the law of attraction for increased prosperity, health and happiness can take some time. After all, you’ve been manifesting your current circumstances for many years. You can’t turn it all around overnight.

Start by becoming conscious of the words you speak, the thoughts you think and the emotions you are feeling on a daily basis. Whet events do you talk about and think about? How do you feel about yourself? These are important signs which point towards where your life is going. If all you do is complain all day, how is this creating a better life?

The first step is to become more conscious of your thinking. Thoughts really do become things. It may take several years to see evidence of this, but it all starts with your thinking.


As Henry Ford said “Whether a man thinks he can or he can’t, he’s right”.

How do you become more conscious of your thinking habits? Notice them. You can learn meditation too, to help quieten down your inner chatter. You mind talks to itself on a near constant basis. Meditation allows you to watch the mind without entering into the identity of the ‘talker’.

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