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Indie Art and Music – Headphones

When you listen to great indie art music, it’s like … “candy for the ears”. You could easily put the repeat button on and listen to the same track over and over again. The vibrations of the sound coming from the speakers into your ears hypnotizes the senses and really transports the listener into the same “atmosphere of mind” that the composer / musician was in.

Which brings me up to … HEADPHONES.

To obtain a quality set of speakers / good room acoustics / etc is a lot of money. And the reason I love my pair of headphones. I got them for around a hundred bucks online and they sound amazing! The sound is right there, being fed to your ear canals. You’re ensured that you are not losing any of that “candy” with poor speaker or room acoustics.

Now, for many professionally produced music CD’s, headphones really do make a difference. These producers and sound engineers put much time into deciding what is going to be heard from the listener.

For example, the left and right channels are often heavily manipulated. They design the sound in a way so that not all the sound is coming from one specific angles. I know that when I listen to indie art music I am sure to have a quality pair of headphones.

There are many downsides to using cheap headphones. I used to always use the cheapest I could find for indie art music. However, as soon as I purchased my first good quality set of phones, I realized the difference. I could hear things I could not before hear. In addition to this, the sound was much crisper and cleaner.

There are many sound technical reasons for this. But in addition to this, often the headphones use specific EQ settings and what not to enhance the listening experience. This is great when listening to music. However, do not fall into the trap of believing that what you’re hearing is what you’re getting. When producing your own music, be sure to try it out on multiple sets of headphones and audio systems. In general, you should be working with a system that does not equalize the sound. This prevails you from believing it sounds one way when it actually does not.

I recommend using a headphone set that is set at neutral so that you do not have false sound coming out and making you mix things differently.

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