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Indie Birds – Digital Photography to Get Great Scrapbooks


Scrap booking is becoming increasingly popular in many areas of India. It’s a hobby, which combines, creativity, history,  family togethrerness and art. Prior to the common use and acceptance, scrap booking was a process of collecting pictures mementos and artwork into a creatively decorated book. The book often told a story of family history or events and was customized to fit the age,

Indie Scrap

Indie Scrap

interests and understanding of the recipient. Many times, a parent and child would work on the project together. Most of the fun of scrap booking was in the creation, not the finished product.

Digital scrap booking uses all the same elements as traditional scrap booking and gives them extra emphasis. Digital scrapbooks are easier to store, edit, organize and share with others and the only limiting factor is your imagination.

Digital scrapbooks may a great way to share digital pictures, to prepare and decorate photo books and also make a great photo gift.

How to get started with digital scrap booking

1. Digital images – You can use images from your digital camera,
from scanners, or from online files, emails, photos and other information. JPEG images will work, but TIFF images provide
higher resolution

2. Computer – You will need a computer with a CD or DVD burner. You will use the computer to make and store images, as well as
to edit and organize existing pages in the scrapbook.

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