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Indie Birds Exposing Kids To Black And White Films

NTR - Chiranjeevi - Indie Birds

NTR – Chiranjeevi – Indie Birds

There are so many new and different kinds of movies that we watch today. We have so many different events in which we can watch them. We can still go to the theater and see them when they are first shown. We can wait until they come out on video and rent a copy at the local video store. We can rent a viewing for our television through our satellite, cable, or even our computer or telephone. It is all so amazing.

Suryakantham - Indie Birds

Suryakantham – Indie Birds

Even with all these options available to us, still one of the best ways to see an older movie is to simply catch it playing on television on one of the movie channels like Turner Classic Movies. This is one of the best channels to watch if you are an old movie buff. Of course there are other channels like the Family Channel and others that show plenty of old movies too.

MAYABAZAR - Indie Birds

MAYABAZAR – Indie Birds

The way that movies are made today is so much different than yester-years. Kids today barely know even what a black and white movie is. If you ask my grand daughter, who is six, she would tell you that they are also gray. I ask her what she meant and she explained to me that those old movies were also gray. An amazing observation, why were they not ever called black, white, and gray movies?

The next time you have a Saturday or Sunday afternoon free, try to get your kids to sit down and watch whatever classic black and white film that might be on television. You will probably not have to worry aboutappropriate language or content, and sometimes you can introduce them to an era of film making that no one should miss being exposed to.

DEVADAS - Indie Birds

DEVADAS – Indie Birds

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