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Indie Birds – Finding Contemporary Indian Art For the New Or Experienced Collector


contemporary arts – Indie Birds

If you favor or wish to begin collecting contemporary Indian art it is easy to do so with the options available to you on the internet. There you will find a listing and several options of the current and up and coming artists to watch. The pieces are beautiful and you can begin building your collection of your favorite pieces by your liking or by the liking of the artist, or both.

India is a country filled with history and culture. The artists from this territory are eclectic and dynamic in their choices of styles and mediums. From the European flair of the renaissance to the dynamic art deco design you can find an artist that is contemporary and depicts their vision of India through their artwork.

What many artists have in common is the dynamic and bold color palette which they choose to use in their artwork. This can be seen in the depictions that they create that are factual based or visions of their livelihood in their country. The colors present every day life or bold struggles that have in the past or are currently being delivered as their country evolves. All of this is brought to life in their vivid patterns and colors.

Other artists depict the people of India. This can be from children to the elderly that are much respected. You can have modern altruistic depictions or those that represent the inner emotions of the people. Both are interesting and subjective. That is why it is fun to find and follow a particular artist that you find interesting in the way the represent current culture.

Going to local art galleries is one way of finding contemporary Indian art but you can also visit the dedicated galleries online. Many of these galleries have online shows of the paintings that they have on display and even have live bidding auctions for the pieces that in the gallery.

Many sites have a listing where you can browse in different venues. If you are new to Indian art then you may just want to browse the galleries and the paintings encased there. If you see an artist repeatedly that you like you have the ability to then browse by the artist themselves. Other sites let you browse by subject matter.

With the availability of online viewing you can also find a particular artist website if you know them by name. However, many artist sell through dealers set up by their agents and you will need to go to the galleries to purchase their work. You can however view their collection fully on their personal site and see where purchase is possible should you like a particular piece. Some popular items may be available in print form which is replicated from the original piece for a lower price for your budget.

Choosing contemporary Indian art can add value to the walls of your home as you fill you house with beautiful and colorful art. It can be an interesting focal point to any room and give birth to a color scheme in your room. Look online for the dealers who specialize in this art form today to begin your collection of Indian art.

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