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Indie Birds – Indie on the Rise! Celebs in Indie Film, “The Site” and “Funny Or Die”

Independent films are on the rise. If you look at mainstream media and “Indie” film as competitors, the Independent side has a stronger following and some seriously hardcore fans. (, Personally, if I’m at a movie that I know had a massive budget and a lot of hype, I demand an original story line, intriguing plot and gorgeous to perfect SFX.

On the other hand, any Indie movie, I am willing to be flexible with my expectations and appreciate everything that was worked hard for in the making of. Celebrities making appearances in independent film never fails to appease me, as they display were they came from, and show a sense of loyalty to the hard(er) working side of film.

Will Farrell is consistently making appearances at as well as other Celebrities showing support. These Indie films ride these celebrity’s status’s and are destined for hits and or success.

As far as indie film and becoming recognized or transferring to mainstream media, it happens all the time yet in the bounds of mainstream promotional tactics. Although it makes independent film cringe to adopt these methods, it is a hardened fact that no project goes anywhere without mainstream promotion or celebrity support.

Granted if you were to toss zombies into mainstream movies with lets say Will Smith you can only imagine that it would never work and that some things need to stay indie. There will always be a market for indie film and there will always be fans of it who denounce high budget film makers till the end. As for you and me, lets keep watching good films…