Indie Birds - World Cinema - Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

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Indie Birds – World Cinema – Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

Indie Birds

Dawn Of The Dead – Indie Birds

Director: George A. Romero

Cast: Ken Foree, David Early, David Emge

Plot : Zombies! Dawn of the Dead continues with the phenomenon that started with “Night of the Living Dead (1968)”. The film primarily focuses on a pilot, his girlfriend and two SWAT team members. The whole movie reflects change in their psyche as epidemic worsens.

If I assume its a horror movie-that’s what IMDB says, then I will not rate it anything above 4. Will not label it a comedy either.

It is more like a character study where the actions of those affected are identifiable. The undead are on a prowl and there is no law and order left.Everyone is going haywire.

All this means there is freedom to do anything. And in freedom there is Power and we all know with Power comes great Responsibility. Sadly in this imperfect world not everyone is responsible.

The end result-Dawn of the Dead.

Indie Birds

Mondo Mystery Movie IX screening of ‘Dawn of the Dead’ with director George Romero in attendance at Highland Mall in Austin, Texas on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011.(Photo by Jack Plunkett/Mondo)

We do hear about such acts when a tragedy strikes.Like when there was Tsunami in Sri Lanka or when Earthquake hit Haiti we all saw on television some people looting shops and damaging property.

Although generalizing such a behavior is too far fetched for me. As there are always strong minded people who come up gold in adversity and lead by example.

Dawn of the Dead for me is a mockery of human psyche and a pretty good one!

Do not expect any horror treat!

7.4 / 10