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“Indie Birds kicked off in 2017 in Hyderabad. And since there has been no looking back. We have been through numerous journeys of individuals who came up with just an idea, raised funds, and flourished into a full-fledged working project. The journey has been intense, but we have stood tall & now we are ready to foray into many other aspects where we think we can make a difference.”

From serving as a crowdfunding platform that wouldn’t charge a cut on the artist’s revenue, Indie Birds has now ventured into promoting and propagating an ecosystem for those pursuing fine arts.

Today, there is a need to build such a fine arts community that aims to bring artists worldwide under one umbrella to facilitate them with space, material, and opportunities and also keep their art living.

Keeping this in mind, Indie Birds has come up with a program called The International Fine Art Hub – 2020.

Hundreds of artists and artisans whose livelihoods have been severely undercut by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are gathering all affected artists and establishing an independent International fine art hub with all artists & art enthusiasts support. Every penny will help us to build this Independent art hub and support thousands of artists. 

International Fine Art Hub & Residency.

Art needs to be honest. And honest art must come together to flourish and make the right difference.And the right difference can be made through an ecosystem or a community that is much more organised, professional and democratic in its functioning.

The International Fine Art Hub :

This is a project designed to create, collect, display and update a database of professional portfolios of artists pursuing fine arts from all around the world and expose the artist globally to opportunities. The database would be published as a physical and digital book (on the Indie Birds website). This project aims to bring all independent artists under one umbrella to build a community for fine arts that ensures maximum global exposure to participants and also create a marketplace where artists can display as well as sell their works. We intend to make the fine arts industry more organised and democratic in its functioning.

Indie Valley – Goa, India. 

Eco Art village.

Art Residency 

  • Pottery 
  • Ceramic 
  • Bronze 
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Sculpture 
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Dance Studio
  • Library
  • Tree House
  • Bamboo House 
  • Wooden Cottage 
  • Mud House
  • VIP – Villa 
  • Private – Villa 
  • Hobbit House
  • Lake View Guest House.
  • Hostel.
  • Create Anything with our Art Studio’s Support
  • Trekking 
  • Hiking 
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Archery 
  • Rafting 
  • Bird Watching 
  • Primitive Construction
  • Mud Pond
  • Photography
  • Film Making
  • Learn , Earn & Share. 
  • Peace Temple 
  • Sound Healing 
  • Meditation Temple
  • Moon Temple.
  • 2 weeks to 11 months Residency. 
  • Product Research & Development.
  • Internships
  • Exhibitions 
  • Festivals
  • Community Gatherings.

Currently We are Under Construction.

Artists & Art Enthusiasts can Volunteer and support this project. 

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Eco-environmental construction.

Green Energy


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Every penny will help us to build this Independent art hub and support thousands of artists


Indie Birds International Fine Artist Residency

The Indie Residency is a unique annual opportunity for Indian and International artists to learn and create together by engaging with questions of human dignity in an inter-cultural setting.

Each International Artist Residency is 2-3 weeks in length and typically has up to 10 International artists working alongside 10 Indian artists.  Each residency is designed around a theme, topic, or framework as a response to a particular social reality yet seeking to ask bigger questions about human value, dignity, and life in general–questions that have application globally.  The themes we pick have a breadth that allows for reflection at multiple layers, e.g. ‘Small’ where the concept was explored aesthetically, as a cultural value, and for its socio-economic implications; or ‘The Many Faces of Abundance’ where artists interacted with families involved with manual scavenging to learn about human dignity but also explore issues of marginalization, consumerism, and urban growth–issues relevant both locally and across the globe.

The Indie Birds International Fine Artist Residency begins with an in-depth engagement designed to foster a collective emotional and intellectual stimulus for participating artists.  Artists then work out responses to the issue or theme through a process of collective reflection and individual creativity.  Besides the informal interactions encouraged by working in a common studio space and an ethos of openness and mutual learning, a residency mentor facilitates the process of unpacking the theme through daily group interactions over tea.  In the course of the residency, we often engage with a community or marginalized group affected by the issue in a way that benefits them as well.  The residency typically partners with a local organization to provide a deeper understanding of the issues involved and/or access to the communities concerned.  In the course of the residency, participants take turns sharing their own artistic and personal journeys with the group through a presentation of past and current works.  An alumni night gives a chance to meet international residents who share insights and advice based on their current professional experiences. The residency culminates in an exhibition of the works produced, curated by the residents themselves, and held in a local Goa gallery.  Art for Change provides stipends to make it possible for Indian artists to participate while International artists raise their own funding.

Indie Birds Artists Residency Programme is open to all from all creative fields like visual artists, painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, theatre and film personalities, photographers, performers, etc. of all nationalities and others connected with art.


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