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Synopsis : 42 Year old Sasi is a corporate & Ad film maker, lives in Hyderabad. One day he plans to go to his village and shoot it using the new drone camera he’s bought. His village is in Telangana state in Jogulamba Gadwala district. It’s called Nouroji Camp.

Almost 60 years back a man from Andhra came here and settled and his relatives and friends also followed the same, because buying farms here was very cheap. That’s how it’s became Nouroji Camp. Sasi’s got vey fond memories of this village, his grandparents lived there and he used to go there for every vacation. His grandparents are no more but Sasi visits the village twice a year.

This time he decided to visit the village with a purpose – shooting the village with a drone camera and also wants to take his niece who has never been to Camp. Sasi is very close to his niece, they are like good friends. Sasi’s girl friend (a Bengali) also joins them. Three of them hit the road and reache the village. They spend two nights and three days there. Story will be told from three different perspectives of the main characters (Sasi, The Niece and The Girlfriend).

A Love Letter To CAMP by Rohit & Sasi

by campsasi

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Director’s Note :

My village Camp is in a very remote place, very underdeveloped , still no direct bus facility. But it’s a very picturesque village. Most of this generation’s kids are missing out on the village experience during the holidays.

For all those who had to leave their villages for education or jobs, this film is for them, a nostalgic trip back to one’s roots and also an introduction of the serene village life to the current generation. As paddy crop season is ending entire fields are gonna be golden very soon. I am planning to shoot before they cut the crop.

What are we going to do after finishing the film ?

Earlier we made a film titled A LOVE LETTER TO CINEMA inspired from Panahi’s Iranian film Taxi Tehran. This film will be a loose sequel to that.

We want to shoot this in 4k and Surround sound recording equipment. It’ll be an extension to the docu-fiction style of A Love Letter to Cinema where the audience will have a interesting time figuring out what is real and what is staged.
It will be a visually beautiful entertainer. Our main target is film festivals and if it get selected in one film festival at least there will be chances to sell it to video streaming apps. And there is a possibility of very minimal release, for this we will approach Multiplexes.

As alternate content is getting recognition with audiences we are hoping this film will also get back its investment.
And we are looking for at least 4-5 producers, as we are experimenting with content we don’t want to burden a single producer. We are planning to shoot between 20-25th December, after that harvesting will be over.
So in the first phase we need at least 3,50,000/- ( $5000). After shooting we will come up with a trailer for crowdfunding pitch. We will pitch to individual producers and also to the crowd.

Main Cast n crew 

  1. Filmmaker – Sasi
  2. Niece – Aditi
  3. Girl friend – Gayathri
  4. Drone operator – Ramakrishna
  5. And local villagers

For shoot the main crew Cameraman and sound designer.

  1. Cameraman – SVK
  2. Sound – Aditya

Post production.

  1. Editor – Avanti ruya
  2. Music director – Vivek Sagar ( Pelli choopulu fame)
  3. Sound engineer – Sanjay das 
  4. Color correction – Digipost
  5. 5.1 mixing at Ramanaidu studios.



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