Short Story

An editor, his girlfriend, a traveller blogger and strangers, more strangers and a lot more strangers in a hippie island. All featured in this new film by Camp Sasi.

Film Montage Song

by campsasi

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Campaign Story

About Film Maker

I started my career in TV production and later moved on to making corporate and ad films. I dream of making my own kind of films.

My ideas have always come across as alien and un-cinema-like to most potential producers I’ve ever tried pitching to. It is a bigger challenge to make them understand the technology that goes behind the making of such unique films and the cost required for it. Hence, we started bringing our ideas to life at bare minimum costs. Till date, almost every work of ours has been made on a shoestring budget.

It has been a struggle ever since to bring together a project and complete it to a satisfactory level. In 2013, things changed with our first film called Sheesh Mahal,a film based on children’s film festival – following which my confidence in the methods of filmmaking I have always believed in, grew stronger.

Since Sheesh Mahal, I have collaborated with numerous fresh talents – actors and technicians. I gathered a team and with their help, produced two independent films – A LOVE LETTER TO CINEMA and RANGANAYAKI (currently in post production) and three web series – STORY DISCUSSION 1, NIRUDYOGA NATULU and STORY DISCUSSION 2. These productions have given us the required boost from all quarters since the last three years. Surprisingly, there has been a tremendous appreciation and since then there was no looking back. The demand for our content has risen spectacularly, though from a set of limited audience.

We are funded mostly by our friends, relatives and our viewers, from both India and abroad, who admire our work. This gives us maximum creative freedom to try out new ideas. Our content is unique, different and cult and demands the attention of niche and quality audience, thereby limiting us to stay independent till we become mainstream.

With the film MONTAGE SONG, we are exploring the genre of “travel fiction” which is similar to a road film and/or a docu fiction. This film is a tale of a beautiful relationship between two matured individuals who set out to explore a Hampi island called Virupaaparagaddi. Along with the scenic beauty, the scent of the local language, spirit of the Hampi locals, its flora and fauna, they venture out to explore each other’s personalities all along the journey. Virupaaparagaddi has gained international fame due to it being an exotic holiday destination, where one goes to do nothing but let their hair down, lay back and relax.
MONTAGE SONG is envisioned to be a one-of-its-kind, never-seen-before cinema that is exclusively crafted for the Telugu audience.

This crowdfunding campaign is our serious attempt to contribute to quality of contemporary cinema and make our audience and producers develop a taste for its grandeur. We hope to reach out to more people with every work we do and gain strength to transform our hope into reality.



Film Montage Song Rewards

Film Montage Song Rewards


Funds break down

  1. Actors & technicians – 1,50,000/-
  2. Equipment – 1,00,000/-
  3. Edit & color – 2,50,000/-
  4. Music production – 2,50,000/-
  5. Final mix – 2,50,000/-

Total – 10,00,000/- (approx. $15000).

By – Camp Sasi.


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UPI : [email protected]

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Cam ran films Private Limited.
Swift / IFSC : ICIC0000008.

MICR Code 500229002.




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June, 2019

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June, 2019

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Above all + Custom made hand painted Mbira.

June, 2019

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June, 2019

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June, 2019

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