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A one blossoms story of four friends and towards their intent goals.set over of 13 years,from adolescent to early adulthood, where every human being undergo depicting some of various delicate and other social and cultural in both mentally and physically resistance faced by the adult generation
the team is very crystal clear and self- assured screening with chronicle,

The screen play reaches every mind and heart to Recall or think of their present or past adulthood in very convenience manner.
most proud full moment of the team is music composition,, which is handled by the most elegant and demigod person – Melody Maestro ” MANO MURTHY”. key to success this screen play.


SAMBHRAMA Film Poster.

SAMBHRAMA Celebration of Life

by Raghavendra M

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Raghavendra M

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A coming-of-age story of four friends and their journey towards accomplishing their goals. Set over a period of 13 years, story traverses through their adolescence to early adulthood, depicting some of various subtle and intricate societal and cultural resistances faced by the youth.
The team is very confident about the bringing the novelty of the story to the screen with a fresh narrative and amateur cast of actors to induce the reality that story demands. Planning to shoot in and around the beautiful locations of Hampi and Raichur which enriches the story with the much needed frolic nature.
The most exciting and the promising aspect which the team is very proud of presenting is about the music composition which is handled by none other than the melody maestro, Mano Murthy. Music is certainly one of the biggest key factors in success of such coming-of-age and romantic dramas. Ace composer, Mano Murthy. who is remembered for some of the biggest and evergreen hits like Mungaru Male, Milana, Manasare etc., associating with usis something very invaluable for the project and for a new team like us.
With a very passionate direction and technical team of cinematography and editing on board, team is also very excited about working with the new age technology of sync sound.
Hoping for the best and all your support for the project.
Veerendra Shetty, Shree, Shravani, Raghavendra and Ravi Kumar Sindhanur.
Direction: Shree and Team.
Music: Mano Murthy.
Cinematography: Wazid Mohid and Vijay Kumar SVK.
Editor: Tulasiram Raju.
Subtitles: Ramesh Kondanna
Lyricist: Jayant Kaykini, Veerendra Shetty, Chinmay Bhavikere and Shree.
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Goshal, Chinmay, Chetan Sosca, Supriya Acharya, Rithisha Padmanabh and Shashikala Sunil.
VFX and CGI: APS Studios.
Online Promoters: DIVO.



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