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Story Discussion Season 2

Season 1 was about a single hectic day in the office of a successful director.
Season 2 will be about the dull, slow routine of a flop director.

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Season Two starts at the new Mohan Kumar office where he is getting ready to direct and produce his next film, a film set in Goa. His crew is not really happy about Mohan producing his own film after delivering the biggest hit of his life (Sitara).

However, season 2 is hardly about Mohan Kumar. It’s about Prakash Chowdary, Mohan’s one-minute older twin brother. He was a filmmaker much before the Mohan but his style is more old school. His first film Kirayi Hantakudu was a 200-day run blockbuster but the series of flops that followed and the utter disaster of his 4th film Vanda Bulletlu (100 Bullets) ended his career.

He hadn’t made a film in 10 years.

What’s happening in his life now and what is to happen in Season Two.


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Thank You.

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  1. Nagaraj
    (verified owner):
    5 out of 5

    All the best brother… We are all with you… Definitely you will get a big hit and will party again… Cheers in advance..

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