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Similarities and Differences in Film Production and Event Management

Similarities and Differences in Film Production and Event Management

Film schools around the world are mainly focused on teaching the technical aspects of filmmaking. These areas include art direction, cinematography, digital media, editing, directing the actors, directing the camera, theatre acting, and even critical studies in film. An essential aspect of filmmaking is managing the entire show which means putting everything together as every individual department takes care of its individual needs. Unfortunately, degrees in specifically production are very rare. It is interesting to note however that the management side of filmmaking before, during, and after a shoot is very similar to event planning.

Event planning schools teach skills that are in some ways very similar to skills needed to manage a big production. From the beginning of a project, the producer tries to gather together a crew just as an event planner picks out key players who will run their program. Similar types of phone calls, budget planning, and location scouting are needed in the pre-production stages for both fields. On the day of the actual event or the film shoot, the producer and the event planner are both making sure that all the individual departments are running smoothly for a shot to take place successfully or for an event to run properly.

For example, just as a producer would make sure that the actors are well taken care of, the sound mixer is running smoothly, and the grip department has arrived on time, the event planner will have to make sure that the correct music is playing, the tent rentals have prepared the tents on time, and the correct cake is ordered. Both departments need to make sure that the important people are well taken care of- the producers will make sure their actors are pampered and happy and the event planner will make sure that the VIP guests are comfortable and treated luxuriously in their designated areas.

Because of these similarities, I believe that it will not be too difficult for someone who has previous experience or has taken event planning courses to step into the production and management side of the film industry as they do share similar backgrounds. Of course, as they advance in their field, they will need to learn the industry specifics that only apply to filmmaking and not just general management. Such skills include knowing the right industry contacts as filmmaking is more so based on networking than event planning and also having a general idea of the technicality of filmmaking because although the producer does not need to get involved in any department very specifically, a general idea is required so they can guide and keep the team together through example.

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