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Songwriting– a musical career! It’s a powerful profession that requires creativity, dedication, enthusiasm and a clear understanding of human emotions. Songwriting allows the writer to capture the essence of life in lyrics. Just like life, it generally deals with one situation and emotion.

Skills Required :

Some people are born skilled writers and rhythmic words come to them like breathing; however, this might not be the case with others. The skills of songwriting can be discussed, understood and implemented with the help of craftsmanship. Tangible skills are manipulated in order to take the listeners into whatever emotion songwriters want them to feel. Songwriters need to work hard almost all the time to get the proper words and melody. There is a certain kind of mystery to songwriting that gradually unfolds with tremendous satisfaction, after completion of a song.

A song is basically an abstract musical entity that serves as an umbrella to several renditions. It’s an extension to one’s mind and soul that leads to the fine blend of simplicity in creativity. The sole purpose of writing beautiful songs is to keep them alive forever. A good song conveys human sentiments or narrates a good story in an interesting and involving way.

Songwriting is a lucrative career, full of opportunities and immense job satisfaction. Songwriters develop their own material that includes writing a material, developing the concept, hiring musicians and engineers as well as recording and producing the material. So, they have the final say on the development of their material.

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A Love Letter to Camp

A Love Letter To CAMP by Rohit & Sasi

by campsasi
in Film & Video

Synopsis : 42 Year old Sasi is a corporate & Ad film maker, lives in Hyderabad. One day he plans to go to his village and shoot it using the new drone camera he’s bought. His village is in Telangana state in Jogulamba

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Film Montage Song

Film Montage Song

by campsasi
in Film & Video

An editor, his girlfriend, a traveller blogger and strangers, more strangers and a lot more strangers in a hippie island. All featured in this new film by Camp Sasi.

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Indie Birds

Story Discussion Season 2

by avanti_ruya
in Web Series

Season 1 was about a single hectic day in the office of a successful director.
Season 2 will be about the dull, slow routine of a flop director.

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