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Three Offbeat Movies

Film making is not a child’s play. It is an excellent innovation that could motivate thousands of people. A movie has the capacity to restore one’s confidence and break it as well. So, let us just have a look at the movies that is a must-watch for every 20 something. These movies are not only inspirational. But, these also encourage us to look at life in a different manner.

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The movies include:

1. Into the Wild

Starring Emile Hirsch as Christopher McCandless, this is a biographical survival movie. Basically, this is an adaptation of the novel by the same name written by Jon Kraukauer. In the film, Christopher abandons his possessions after graduating from Emory University.

In fact, he also donates his entire savings of $ 24,000 to a charity. Christopher is an idealistic dreamer. He is a nature lover. So, he starts driving to the west until he can drive no more. Then he starts hitchhiking to Alaska in order to embrace the essence of Nature. He keeps writing journals on a daily basis, but as a third person.

Along his special journey, he meets few people who play an integral role in shaping his mind and thoughts.

This movie will make you fall in love and feel so close to the Nature. Alaska is beautifully portrayed here. It is like a poem, a magically mesmerizing poem that goes on in the form of a film.

2. Triangle

If you are looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then this is it. In fact, after the movie has ended, you will keep thinking and considering about it and in a good way. The best thing about the Triangle is that it plays with your mind. Starring Melissa George as Jess and directed by Christopher Smith, this is a psychological thriller.

Initially, it is seen that Melissa, a single mother, goes on a boarding trip with her friends. But they had to board a derelict ocean liner after abandoning their ship after a storm strikes all of a sudden. But, Melissa feels that someone is stalking all of them all the time.

But, that is not the end of it. As the movie approaches, you will understand that the movie is a about a trap, maybe. It is puzzling, but engrossing at the same time. It is also one of the most underrated movies.

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This one stars Jim Carrey as Joel Barish, who agrees to undergo an experimental procedure that will erase his memories he had with his ex-girlfriend Clementine played by Kate Winslet. Most parts of the film take place in Joel’s mind as the experiment progresses.

Although Joel had signed up for this experiment of erasing every memory of Clementine from his mind, he tried to preserve some of the happy memories with Clem by hiding her in remote parts of his subconscious mind. But still, his memories will disintegrate except the first time that he had met Clem.

This meeting will determine the conclusion of the movie and their fate as well. It is worth watching on a rainy evening!

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Three offbeat movies


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