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What is the Definition of Fine Art

The concept of fine art is commonly misunderstood. Many people think that fine art refers to the quality of the art in question, however this is not actually the case. What the fine in fine art actually refers to is that of the discipline’s purity.

This is why many of the performing arts such as ballet and theater are known as the fine arts. On the other hand, it does not necessarily refer only to that of performing arts as any art form albeit sculpting, painting and many more all can be considered fine art as long as the purity of the art itself is the best that it can possibly be.

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Nude In the Forest – 1908. Pablo Picaso

Now with that said, the concept of what purity of a discipline is will be questioned. It was Aristotle who said it best when he said that imitation is the finest thing in human nature. The second is that of our ability to be in harmony albeit with regards to rhythm or to nature itself.

So in effect, fine arts are those whose purity is as close as possible to being in rhythm to imitation of human nature. Keep in mind though, that this definition only actually refers to the performing arts so when it comes to visual arts such as painting and sculpting to name a few, the concept of the art’s purity can vary from one art to another as well as from a subclass of a particular art to another subclass of that same art form.

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