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When to Participate in Clothed Ejaculation – Surprise Erection.

Guys know one thing: Sometimes an erect penis has a mind of its own. Most men have had an experience in which a very insistent erection has reached the point where the penis has almost released seed while the man was still clothed, which would result in the oft-discussed “creaming in jeans” scenario. While a member that is able to burst forth with a robust stream is a sign of good penis health, it also can be a problem in the case of a surprise Erection.

That’s not to say, of course, that some men don’t enjoy the occasional creaming in jeans on purpose. This is in fact an activity that a man can indulge in for kicks; as long as a guy is prepared for it, spilling his seed in his trousers and letting it slosh around as he walks can be quite memorable.

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Where one will be engaging in jean creaming can definitely determine the appropriateness of the experience. For example, here are some suitable settings in which to lose a load behind the zipper:

– One’s own home. A no-brainer. Many men enjoy going commando in a pair of sweatpants while lounging around the house, then putting on a porn video or viewing some online erotica while stroking their rods. They then have the privacy to watch as the semen seeps through the fabric and to experience what it feels like to walk around with the seed dribbling down the leg.

– A friend’s home. It’s not unheard of for a couple of guys to get excited while watching some hot videos together. With some friends, a guy feels comfortable stroking his hard penis through his jeans and shooting off – and may also take pride in the good-natured ribbing his buddy gives him for doing it.

– An adult movie theatre. Face it, dudes don’t go to an adult movie for the cinematography; they go to climax. Many men who leave these theatres do so with distinct wet spots on their crotches.

– The men’s room. Sometimes a dude will release in his pants in the stall of a public bathroom – especially if it’s dark outside and he can walk home with little chance of someone else noticing the sticky patch on his trouser front.


For the novice who is interested in experiencing this clothed release, here are a few tips to remember:

– Practice discretion. While stroking one’s rod underneath one’s jeans is more subtle than pulling it out and exposing it, it’s still not something that is done in polite company. It’s best to engage in a private room. A room with very dim lighting may be an option, as well as a room in which one’s actions are masked (e.g., if one is standing behind a tall chair); however, if it is still likely that one will be seen, a man should err on the side of caution.

– Be prepared. Depending on the clothing one wears and the amount of semen released, it’s possible that a man will find himself with an enormous wet stain. This is especially likely if a guy goes sans underwear. A guy should figure out if he can make it home unseen – or he should be prepared to enjoy having his secret known if he cannot.

– There’s a scent. Semen has a faint but noticeable aroma; know that even if there is no visible wetness on the pants, there may still be a scent of a man who has just ejaculated in his jeans.

Finally, remember that rubbing the hard penis through trousers may create friction and soreness, so have on hand a first-class penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Once alone, rub in a good amount of a cream that is enriched with a high-end emollient such as Shea butter to provide soothing relief. It also is best if the cream’s ingredient list includes acetyl L-carnitine; a jeans-rubbed penis’s nerves may be a bit deadened from the roughness, and this neuroprotective ingredient can help restore penis sensitivity to a proper level.

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