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White Cyclorama in Film Making

Most uses of Hollywood white cyc are used in conjunction with green screen in creating special effects on stage or film making. Cyc is an abbreviation for cyclorama. A cyc is any type of wall background incorporating one or more curve surfaces to create a background. Cyc backgrounds can appear to have no visual beginning and end, and provides for an excessive number of possibilities. This cyc is called an infinity cyc. Infinity cycs are use mostly for Virtual Reality, TV and still photography. White cyclorama is use for most TV commercials to create an infinity background making the images to appear as an infinite number.

A white surfaced cyc background is essential for creating Virtual Reality because the computer use for creating Virtual reality requires a seamless background with no visual corners and shadowing. The advantage of using white surfaced cyc for commercials it makes the product or images appear center stage. A good studio with a white surfaced cyc background is great for digital photography. White surfaced cyc originally was used for backgrounds in 19-century German theaters.

The illusion of infinite space created by Hollywood White Cyc makes it advantageous for filming Science Fiction movies and TV shows. Star Track is an example of Hollywood White surfaced Cyc technology every time space ships were flying through space. The model of the space ship is place in front of the White surfaced cyc background to give the illusion of the space ship flying through space. White surfaced cyc is also use to create other special effects needing the appearance of unlimited space like an airplane in flight or ships at sea.

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White Cyc

The material of White Cyclorama that is use to make the cyc depends on the background’s size. Large versions of White surfaced cyc are made with unbleached canvass. A smaller version of White surfaced cyc is made with muslin use with a drop curtain that appears opaque lit from the front and transparent lit from the back. Alternatively, the white cyc is made from seamless translucent plastic.

Other uses of Hollywood White Cyc are for filming various videos to create special effects for video games, and to illuminate dance concerts on stage. In photography, circles White Cyc is refer to as a photography backdrop. The colors of white or green are use depending on the desire background effect the photographer wants to achieve. White provides the effect of no background, and green allows the background to be masked.

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